Here you can find demos of the german female Voice Over artist Sylvia Frei on the topics: Advertising, telephone announcements, e-learning, explanatory video, documentary and image film ...


Advertising / Commercial

E-Learning - Erklärvideo - Onlinetraining - Lernvideo

Well explained is fast understood!


  • You have to be able to listen to an e-learning voice for a long time - intelligent and trusting but not instructive is the key to success

  • complicated topics should be conveyed understandably and complex sentences should be pronounced correctly, you profit from my many years of experience as well as my good education

  • A professional german voice and good sound quality are critical to the quality of your e-learning

  • Timesync or Lipsync to a video are of course possible

Listening examples e-learning

Demo E-Learning (Ausschnitte verschiederner Produktionen 2019) - Erklärstimme Sylvia Frei
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Erklärvideo IT - Sprecherin Sylvia Frei
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Advertising / Commercial

Telefonansagen / Anrufbeantworter / IVR-Systeme / Warteschleife

Telephone announcement - answering machine - IVR system

Professional telephone announcement - more than just an answering machine


  • give your customers seriousness and appreciate his call

  • make a good feeling with my charming voice

  • shorten the perceived waiting time with some music for the waiting loop

  • inform callers about current events and use their call waiting as a marketing channel

  • Bilingual announcements for international customers - of course I will also speak your announcement in German and English

Telephone announcements with and without music
in German and English:

Kompetent und freundlich Telefonansage für Unternehmen - Sylvia Frei Sprecherin
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Englische Telefonansagen - Sprecherin Sylvia Frei
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Telefonansage mit Musik - Sprecherin Sylvia Frei
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Telefonansage mit Musik Blues Rock - Sprecherin Sylvia Frei 2019
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verschiedene Telefonansagen - Sprecherin Sylvia Frei
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Advertising / Commercial

Werbung - Commercial - TV und Kinowerbung Demos

The right advertising voice is the first step to the success of your commercial and campaign

  • If you want to produce an emotional commercial, you're in the right place. I give your text the necessary weight or lightness and bring words to life

  • Sound Intelligent - and this is in my voice without sounding patronizing or overbearing

  • Do you surprise your customers with something crazy? No problem, I like to turn the wheel with you with my voice

  • You want to be part of the voice recording? With pleasure! Directed by BodalgoCall, Skype, SessionLinkPRO ect.

Demo TV-Commercial and Online-Advertising

Audiosamples Radioadvertising

Demo Radiowerbung - Sprecherin Sylvia Frei
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Advertising / Commercial

Tutorial - Produktvideo - Erklärvideo - Erklärfilm

Demos Tutorials and Videos:

You want attracting attention, triggering interest and stimulating purchase, and sum up a relevant message in a nutshell?

Then you need the right explanatory voice for your film:


  • professional recording quality and the right pronunciation are crucial for the learning success and to be able to grasp the heard and seen

  • a pleasant explanatory voice which is fun to listen

  • not only read but "explain" is essential for a good understanding. That's why it's important that narration and intonation perfectly match your video. Thanks to my experience as a german Voice Over Talent for explanatory videos and e-learning, even the most complicated content makes sense right from the start.


Advertising / Commercial

Dokumentation - Reportage - Off-Voice - Voiceover

Voice with character and feel-good factor

  • sober and factual is the classic style of a speaker for documentaries, as a trained news anchor I master this style of speech very well

  • a touch of emotion or a smile at the right moment - thanks to my many years of experience as an off-speaker, I adapt myself to the style and motivation of the author

  • Drama at the right moment to the right image or a smug, laconic tone - even that is just the thing for some format and is one of my language tools

Demos Tutorials and Videos:

Advertising / Commercial

Imagefilm - Storytelling - Unternehmenspräsentation

A multi-faceted german voice that adapts to your image:

  • serious and trusting

  • technical, cool and well-versed

  • charming sound and friendly competence

  • Fun, smile and joy of life

All this and more, I can convey as a professional german voice-over-talent for image films to your customers. This way, your company will be presented accurately and conveyed your message.

Demos Tutorials and Videos:


Advertising / Commercial

You need an individual demo or a layout for your production?

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